Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas!

The kids opened their presents (99% from grandmas) then we had our eggs and toast. I ran to the farm to check on the girls. It was after 10AM and most of them were still snoozing. When they got up out of the berm that they dig to sleep in, it was steaming with heat. I guess when you give them enough space and let them be pigs, they figure out how to get by pretty good. I couldn't believe they ate all the extra alfalfa I gave them...apparently it gave them cotton mouth as they emptied the extra trough of water I gave them as well. I hung up the hoses to drain but somehow they still froze solid and I had to go back to the bucket system. Unfortunately I fenced in the hose bib yesterday thinking I was off the bucket system, I was able to fill the buckets cutting a small section of hose (that remained unfrozen). When carrying the water I managed to fill up the trough as well as my boot for a chilly little wake up :) . We noticed a while back three of the girls came in a little skinny - the supplier thought they were at the bottom of the pecking order and weren't allowed by the other sows to eat as much. When I saw that the skinny girls were chasing around some of the others who were more stout, I realized that they aren't at the bottom of the pack, so was suspecting worms were making them skinny. Since they have been at crying rock I have been pouring the feed the length of their receiving pen. This leaves no way for them to fight, and everyone gets a fair share. Well today I notices the skinniest one seemed to thicken up a little, you no longer see those bony ribs. Maybe it was feed after all. Regardless all of them should be doing very well with ample feed and the natural wormer that will be starting soon. On the drive home down river road, I could see all of Mt Rainier clearly in my rear view, and the Olympics in the foreground -absolutely beautiful. Got home in time for lunch and building Lego Star Wars sets. Merry Christmas everyone!

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