Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 6 Farming: Saturday 12.19.2009

Picked up 60 fence posts before meeting some friends out at the farm. Bought a pitchfork as well and am feeling pretty agricultural about it. Tossed some alfalfa to the girls just to make it official. Reinforced the gate with some latches salvaged on farm. The girls were leaning up against it and broke the latches I bought at the farm store. The girls think they are more petite than they really are and I just don't have the heart to tell them. The highlight of the day was sitting on a bail of alfalfa for a coffee break watching the rain and listening to the sound on the metal roof of the barn. After some other chores I was getting ready to call it a day around dinner time when an emergency erupted. One of the girls decided to scratch her rump on the front fence to take care of a hard to reach itch, well she must have made it look good because all 13 of her friends came rushing over to scratch their rumps on the fence as well, I had about 4000lbs of pork pressing on my poor little fence, and I could see it bulging and crying out for mercy! I quickly grabbed my post driver and a the posts I was going to run fence with, and started pounding in posts like mad. Seems I caught it in time, the fence remains, and itches are relieved. Sheesh.

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