Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 9 Farming: Tuesday 12.22.2009

Yesterday I picked up a livestock rack for the truck. This is in anticipation of bring home the Mule foot hogs we purchased. Thankfully the Green Beast made it to Maple Valley and back without trouble. And now with a Red stock rack on the back, the Green Beast is even beastlier. Today was an ice on the windshield morning. I headed out to the farm early and started fabricating a ramp to cross from a trailer to the livestock rack. The barn owl was there again to greet me (scare the crap out of me). The former owner of the farm came by and gave an update on the well (still not going to be working for a while), and was able to answer some of the mysteries of the property that I had recently run into. Finished the ramp just in time to hop on the road to Bellevue to intercept the Mule foot pair. Everything was great until... going down hwy 167 the Green Beast decided to go into hibernation. uuuuhg. pulled over to the side of the road and fiddled about trying to restart her until the battery was about dead. Called the tow truck, and broke the news to the Mule foot folks. They agreed to keep them on their farm until I get transport arranged. I hitched a ride with the tow truck back to the farm and while waiting for Teresa and the kids to come rescue me - I decided to clear out the brush away from the shed where the Mule foots will stay... and low and behold under some brush was a fully functional hose bib right there in the shed! No more lugging 5 gallon buckets of water for this clown!

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