Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 4 Farming: Thursday 12.17.2009

Started Early (6AM), wanted to catch the girls early in the morning and make sure everything was all right. To my surprise, they did not share my concern and chose to sleep in. They dug their shallow berms and snuggled up together in groups of three and four. The one sow I suspect to be a little older was standing guard while the others dreamed of endless fields of clover. To reward her for her steadfast diligence I handed her a pumpkin that she quickly crunched like an apple. At the sound, I saw a sleeping pig ear stand up at attention and soon the rest of the girls clumsily and sleepily jumped up letting me know that they too would like a pumpkin. I poured the rest of the squash along out, and they went nuts. Per Teresa's instructions, I informed the girls that the pumpkins are from "Mama". I figured out a system where I poured the feed all along the length of the fence. This way there is a ton of room and none of the girls can boss any others away from their fair share. By 10AM it was time to head up to Redmond to look at a truck. I had a feeling this was the one, it had an extended cab to squeeze kids and pigs and equipment into. Talked the seller down to 800$ which was all of my Microsoft stock plus 100$, so I am no longer a Microsoft hundredair. Gave cash for the title and will pick up the truck tomorrow after I convince someone to pool up there and drive my car back.

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