Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 10 Farming: Wednesday 12.23.2009

Today farming meant me, Teresa, and the kids laying in a truck bed full of hay, having lunch together while the sun peaked out for a moment. Then after that agrarian dream was over Teresa and I hung 15o feet of fencing. Watering today with a hose was soooo much nicer than the bucket system, plus the sows really like to drink from the hose. This is how one of the girls got the name Slurpee. We have not named them all yet but we are getting there. Besides Slurpee, there is Silly, Gerbil, Hamster, Sweetie Pie, Tiger Pig, and Kid Pig. I can't find my fencing pliers for the life of me. Chances are a 6 year old was using them to harvest blackberry bushes for Tiger Pig, and they are laying in the middle of a field only to become archaeological fodder for some future generation. I tried to cut my fence with tin snips, I am too much of a sissy. Fence Pliers where are you? Oh - and Green Beast woke up from her hibernation today. My cousin Donny kindly pointed out the reserve fuel tank selector, after which she fired right up. I am relieved and majorly blushing all in one little switch. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

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