Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 1 Farming: Monday 12.14.2009

We purchased 14 sows with agreement to have delivered by a certain date, due to negotiations and delays with the property I have had to bump that date for several weeks now. The seller was getting frustrated and I was starting to wonder if I was going to loose the pigs and the $, and have to start over before I start...But today I we got the green light to start on the property. As soon as the title company opened up I ran over and picked up the keys to the property.
As soon as I got there I walked the fence line, and viewed the pastures. Grass appears to be mostly rye grass and is 70-80% green. Never noticed before but there is a pretty healthy dandelion population. This is good because the taproot goes down to the clay layer pulling up subsurface minerals that the grass does not, and the pigs will root them up for lunch all day. The trees on the hillside of the property dropped their fall leaves on a path about 25 ft wide down the backside of the property (creating another mineral belt). Snapped some pictures of field and creek, and paced off some future fence lines. I decided that the loafing shed is the proper place to receive the hogs before putting them out on pasture. I am glad for the delays in retrospect, since things are starting to thaw out now, it will be easier to receive the hogs. This place is gorgeous - what a miracle!

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