Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 5 Farming: Friday 12.18.2009

Showed up a little later today, and found the girls still sleeping in at 9AM. One was still keeping watch, but it was a different one this time. To reward her team spirit, I handed her a hearty bag of kitchen scraps. The rest did not catch on until they heard me open a bag of feed. Carried 20 gallons of water from the house to the trough, and then ran home to meet the contractor who is bidding on repairing our broken pipe damaged apartment. Soon after Me and Jason headed up to Redmond to retrieve the Crying Rock flagship, known as "The Green Beast". It is a 1979 f150 spangled in not one but two shades of green! The truck even made it all the way home, and it felt good to drive. Picked up Teresa and the Kids and took a night visit to the Farm. I left the lights on for everyone to get a good look at the pigs, and apparently we were having such a good time that we looked long enough to drain the battery. The neighbors gave us a jump, and all the way home, dad got to explain how car batteries die, with Jude reassuring me that he would remind me never to leave the lights on. We got home just in time to finish the Christmas story in Luke, and pas out. I gazed out the window at "green beast" and felt relieved that I would never have to load to rolls of Field fence into the trunk of my car again. Rest in peace little blue beast, long live Green Beast.

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