Saturday, April 3, 2010

This will only take me two days, seriously...

Seriously. I have been trying to get the perimeter fence finished for almost a month. Every time someone will ask "hows it coming", I reply "two more days". Those words have become a famous habitual lie at Crying Rock. Today I really was on my last second day of the last two days of fencing, when Gerbil started shooting babies out her back end. Soooo, it may take a couple more days after all. This birth was different than the previous ones. Patata and Silly had no issue with me picking up their little ones and shuffling them around. Gerbil is the dominant sow in the bunch, and for good reason. She looks like a bull with a flat nose, and today she was a momma bear. Every time I came near she puttered loudly like a Harley Davidson, and had a crazy wide eyed stare. Not the same girl as when her nest was empty. So I conceded and built a pen around where she laid with the piglets as opposed to trying to move her to a different location - while she eats me for Easter brunch a day early. This birth however was much cleaner. She had them all washed up before I came in. With Silly's litter I ended up walking around Wallymart in the late hours, half asleep, looking for a heat lamp with a piglet in my shirt - umbilical chord hanging out, and placenta covering my hand (long story - ask me later). I am probably in a picture somewhere on a Internet site because of that ordeal. Anyhoo that's the cost of living the dream. I'll write a little more in two days, I'll have time because I'll be finished with the fence.

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  1. "Two days" reminds me of a line from the movie "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks. They were renovating a house and every time he asked how long before it was finished the contractor would say "two weeks". :o) I love your blog.