Saturday, April 17, 2010

This little guy is our first hazelnut, imported wild from my sister's yard over on Fox Island. It is step one of our long term plan of transitioning to a savanna like polyculture for greater diversity grazing year round. Hops are going in the ground by end of may, and on that note I have been reading Ezra Meeker's "Hop Culture in the United States". It is a phenomenal read from a local historical perspective if not only because I am the uber hop nerd. Love the pioneer spirit.


  1. Just planted a few hops myself...Chinook and Cascade varieties. So excited to see their flowers in my bouquets. I'm just up the road from you & pass by your farm on my way to work...looks like you guys have been busy, busy lately! Happy spring! :)

  2. Oh hops will be so beautiful in a bouquet. And the Cascades will give it such a wonderful citrus smell. We just opened the final product of last years cascades, a black barleywine. So excited to have more niegbors too!