Thursday, June 24, 2010

The season we have all been waiting for!

This is what the first day of summer looked like here at the rock. A couple of our blackberries basking in the mysterious light above. Allot of folks think Himalayans are an invasive species. But how could something be imposing when it just wants to crawl into a bottle of wine? The pigs have tilled around four acres so far, and counting. The ground behind them is holes and mounds differentiating between 6 inches to one and half feet in varience. For our first replanting we will be broadcasting root seeds in the hills, and buckwheat in the holes. Over time the bio mass should even out the level again. If not, then next time through the pigs will dig down the hills for the roots, and get er releveled. I am trying to avoid tilling since the pigs are leaving the soil structure pretty much in tact, but we shall see. So far Summer has been pretty true to form, the kids are out riding bikes and finding bugs and snakes. We are doing alot of hand haying long into the evening. Life is hard, and life is good.

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